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PDM Implement

PDM Implement

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PDM implementation is up to the company itself and the river Dassault years of lessons learned in the different sectors, integrating the experience of a large number of projects, covering the maintenance of the entire process from business consulting to system. From three processes, technologies and organization of the project summary. PLM system implementation is a systematic project, the implementation of the success depends on the correct set of project management system. How to avoid problems during the implementation of the project, the following four points are the most critical aspects of the project management process: 1, the necessary project management training: enable users to understand the whole life cycle of the project team of project management, specifically in the various phases of the project should be completed how kind of work; 2, project system of regular meetings, regular meetings of the project regular meeting: held occasional project supervision and inspection to ensure that the meeting when the members of the project have a formal channel of communication: make the project management to keep abreast of the progress of the project and project developments, to ensure that the project In one healthy state to the next; 3, the establishment of "project early warning mechanism" to ensure that the project management and project decision-making there is a communication mechanism, when the project is anticipated to be serious problems will occur, it is possible to get the top leaders know in advance, to make a decision;

4, to review various technical programs, strengthen technical checks to make technical director assured that the future system for quality, technically provide a guarantee

Various stages of implementation of the project management points:

Project stage Name

Key Points

〈Project start-up phase〉

Business leaders give the project adequate care and support;

Various stages of implementation of the project companies need to invest in human resources is an important guarantee for the success of the project;

During the project implementation and application, project team members and related personnel be given the necessary incentives;

In place to ensure that the project plan tasks enforcement personnel, and given sufficient time and space。

〈Program definition phase〉

Starting from business process clear and grasp the general requirements, critical needs and special needs;

Enterprises should be combined with Dassault Systems Solutions business needs to reach a consensus as soon as possible;

〈System implementation testing phase〉

Enterprise system implementation project team members to be fully engaged in the process of custom systems design, development, configuration process to;

Synergistic implementation, knowledge transfer

〈On-line operational phase〉

In accordance with the training program, from the seed to start with a point, and at every level. To fully understand the effects of end-user training, not only to large classes, but also to make special treatment;

Timeliness, accuracy, completeness of data preparation products;

Publicizing system management and system operation modes。



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