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Depending on your needs, we offer you software secondary development or professional design tool development. Tools have been developed include the following:
1, FIG cast solder tools
3D solder automatically invested in two-dimensional view;
It supports single and batch vote cast Figure Figure;
Automatic welding process the second floor, three welding expression;
Expression compliant solder
2, the body coordinate grid generation tool
Just specify two pairs of corner points, or coordinate grid lines drawn in the rectangular region;
Automatic Identification axes and coordinate values;
Automatically determine the deflection view
3, the product information is automatically extracted
Specified folder, automatically extract all files - part name, part number, product structure, material, weight and so on;
Export to xls file
4, the title bar editor
The title bar editing tools, CATIA just running in the background, suitable for designers and non-designers use;
5, a single font
Set Chinese and Spanish in one;
Engineering drawing contains all the symbols required;
Chinese, Western, font size, font symbol unity and concord
6, Bar Code System
Automatic generation of barcodes;
Paper drawings management
7, electronic signature
Specified process node, PDM automatically sign messages written title bar
8, engineering drawing system solutions
CATIA V5 engineering drawing module cumbersome operation, only to meet the basic requirements, such as automatic generation function without a title bar, the user has to manually create the title bar, and some features do not meet the national standard, such as guidelines for the serial number, the designer can not be used. For the above, since Jiang Technology Task Force in 2008 Drafting module and the second development, it has been used in several domestic automobile OEMs, reflecting in good condition. The second development solution includes the following modules: attribute definition, title bar, schedule, technical requirements, coordinate lines, drawing cleanup guidelines and serial number. This solution not only meets the basic functions to create a title bar, etc., and to achieve the associated three-dimensional and two-dimensional information, the number associated with the list of guidelines and other functions. Data maintenance, this program is compatible with CATIA, abandoned the database, all data is stored in the document.
9, the inner section of the characteristics of the drive shaft before checking vehicle computing


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